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Howdy Neighbors!

I hope everyone else is as excited as I am for the first teases of a Seattle Spring! It's been great to have a few nice warm sunny days to remind everyone just how beautiful of an area we live in. Not just the greater Seattle area, but Greenwood Point as well.

NEWS AND HAPPENINGS 1.The Eggstraveganza was a great success. There was a great turnout for the annual event. A bit of rain didn't dampen the festivities. And it was bigger than ever thanks to our partnership with the South Cove HOA. Hopefully everyone had a good time and met some new neighbors. We would like to continue this momentum as we are rolling right into our second event of the year....the Cinco de Mayo Progressive Cocktail Hour! 2. Cinco De Mayo Fiesta. The next event on Friday (May 5th) is geared towards the adults this time around. As has been advertised by email and texts, we are having four houses host special cocktails and food, for an hour each. Space is extremely limited and reservations are required! So if still interested, reach out to Kelly Schilcher ( to inquire about spots available and get the schedule of events.

3. Textedly. Perhaps you have noticed text messages about the social events? This is the new service we are now using to help get the message out there about happenings. Hopefully this is an easier way to remind people in addition to emails or social media posts. If you do not like these messages, feel free to reply STOP to the messages and we will remove your number. If you are NOT getting these messages, it's probably because we don't have a good cell number for you. So head over to our website (Home | Greenwood Point HOA) and fill out the "Stay in Touch" section at the bottom and we will add you!

4. Recent Changes in Legislation. There have been recent changes in the State about the ability to convert single family homes into things such as duplexes due to lack of housing in the region. There is a lot of questions about whether this affects us or not (WA’s new ban on single-family zoning exempts some of Seattle’s wealthiest neighborhoods | The Seattle Times). Let me assure everyone that the Board is aware of this issue and is working with a Legal expert to see if our current Covenants protect us from this or not. Or if we have the option to change them. But before we do anything... 5. Surveys and Meetings. We want to hear from you all! I will be sending out another Survey Monkey next week to cover a variety of topics including these new laws. Also about how you feel about some other issues and topics and help prioritize what the Board should be spending time and energy on. I also will be holding a more relaxed HOA Meeting the first week of June (standby for another email soon with all the details. I want to have a structured forum where people can discuss some of the questions on the survey as well as voice any opinions or concerns. This is completely optional but hopefully we can get a decent turnout so neighbors can stay informed and continue to offer input. 6. Public Service Announcements. Warmer temperatures, colorful spring flowers, and longer days are just around the corner. Unfortunately, so is the uptick in unpredictable and often severe spring thunderstorms. Preparing your home for severe weather is more important than ever. In 2022, there were 18 severe weather events in the U.S., with losses exceeding $1 billion each. Of the 18 events, 11 were severe storms.

  1. Trim any dead or overhanging branches from trees near your home to prevent them from falling and causing roof or siding damage during a storm.

  2. Ensure your roof and gutters are in good condition and free of debris to prevent water from seeping into your home. Check that all eaves, fascia, and soffits are securely attached and rot-free.

  3. Check your home's foundation for cracks or signs of water damage and repair them if necessary.

  4. Secure all loose items around your home, like patio furniture and grills, that could be blown away during a severe storm.

  5. Keep an emergency kit on hand, including a flashlight, batteries, first aid supplies, and a generator in case of power outages.

  6. Review your homeowner's insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage for severe weather damage.

REMINDERS 1. If you have a home modification in mind, please obtain a form and submit to the A.C.C. for review. Submissions can either be mailed through USPS to the address on the form, or they can be scanned and emailed to the GPHOA at The forms are available at 2. We always are looking for more people to get involved with the HOA for any of the committees! It's a good way to meet your neighbors, and the time commitment is only what you can provide. If you are looking for ways to get involved or want to discuss any options, feel free to reach out. 3. Though not affiliated with the GPHOA, there is a private Greenwood Point Facebook group you might be interested in joining. Neighborhood happenings, items for free and sale, and communications may be found here. The link is: Thank you for the continued support and look forward to seeing you all out enjoying the great weather! Ryan Schilcher 2023 GPHOA President

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