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If you're receiving this email, then you are an exclusive member of the Greenwood Point Homeowners Association (GPHOA). This association consists of the 138 homeowners of the homes comprising the Greenwood Point Plat and exists because of the declaration put in place when Greenwood Point was built in 1977. Its stated purpose is to "protect the value and desirability" of our neighborhood. It is a legally-required organization. You can read the original declaration at our website, at This email is an update on what's going on and a bit of the business of your HOA. NEWS 1. Monthly Meeting. We held the first monthly HOA board meeting of the year on January 19th at Nicki Wright's home. All were present and it was great to meet in person and more efficient than virtual meetings. Most of the discussion centered on preparing the agenda for our Annual Meeting of all HOA members in the neighborhood. 2. Beach Park. The beach park remains open and a great place to enjoy serene views of Lake Sammamish. 3. Green Space Risk Assessment. The formal technical report from ArboristsNW of the Green Space (Open Area A on our plat map) was distributed to those of you who requested copies. Please reply to this email address if you'd still like one. The company has also provided a prioritized list of actions and board plans to review those recommendations to minimize the chance of property damage and keep the forest healthy. We will stage any maintenance work in the green space over the next few years, within budget constraints. Several of the board walked the green space on January 6th to get a better look at the trees identified in the arborist's report. 4. Greenwood Point First Ever Pulse Survey! Ryan Schilcher expertly organized and sent out our first member survey on 11 January 2023 and received an excellent response. He will be summarizing the results of the survey at the Annual Meeting to identify what was shown to be important to you and help guide future improvements to our quality of life in Greenwood Point. You won't want to miss it. 5. City Code vs HOA Rules: Some of the more frequent issues sent to the HOA board, or added as comments to the survey were: 1) blowing leaves, yard waste into the street during (illegal--considered littering); 2) sidewalks blocked (illegal--prune plants back and remove equipment to allow clear passage); and, 3) speeding (it's 25 MPH everywhere). I want to make it clear that, while we care about these items, they are covered by City of Issaquah code, not by HOA Rules and the HOA has no authority to enforce them. That said, remember that you, or contractors working for you (or the HOA), can be cited and fined for these violations. 6. Annual Meeting. The Greenwood Point Annual Meeting is scheduled for 16 February 2023 at 7:00PM via Zoom. As noted in the paper mailing you should have received (if not, email back), instructions for logging into the meeting will be provided to e-mail addresses we have on record for each home. Please plan to join. The tentative agenda for the Annual Meetings is: -Welcome “State of Neighborhood” by HOA Pres. -Door Prizes: 10 Starbuck/Amazon gift cards + 1 half price dues -Treasurer’s report and 2023 budget by HOA Treasurer -Projects completed in 2022 / planned for 2023 -Review of 2022 social activities / plans for 2023 -Officer and trustee nominations & voting -Introduction of new officer(s), trustee(s) -GPHOA member survey (Ryan) -Open forum, member feedback, suggestions and questions VISIT YOUR BEACH PARK. Your HOA membership includes access to Lake Sammamish via the beach park and there's a beautiful lawn, shade, picnic tables, a kids play area, swimming area, and BBQ facilities available. You should have a key to permit entry. If not, contact a board member for replacement. GREENWOOD POINT FACEBOOK GROUP. Though not affiliated with the GPHOA, there is a private Greenwood Point Facebook group you might be interested in joining. Neighborhood happenings, items for free and sale, and communications may be found here. The link is: UPCOMING EVENTS - Greenwood Point HOA Annual Meeting via Zoom, 16 January 2023 REMINDERS 1. If you have a home modification in mind, please obtain a form and submit to the A.C.C. for review. Submissions can either be mailed through USPS to the address on the form, or they can be scanned and emailed to the GPHOA at The forms are available at 2. Please remember to clean up after your pet when walking the area. 3. If you have an interest in taking a more active role in our neighborhood, the HOA committees are a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors and the area and usually only need a couple hours a month. Retirees are especially welcome. Students get community service credit too! You may join any committee, but here's where we need immediate help: - The Maintenance Committee needs a couple more folks to help coordinate keeping our signage, landscaping, green belt and hardscaping (like mailboxes) in good working order. · The Architectural Control Committee (ACC), which reviews designs, remodels and related plans, is turning over membership and seeking new support. · The Social Committee, particularly, if you have an aptitude for arranging events and enjoy meeting people, please reach out! CLOSING Thank you for your interest in the Greenwood Point Homeowners Association. As always, if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, would like to help, or just say hello, please respond to this email. Cheers! Jim Cotton 2022 GPHOA President

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