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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

HELLO GREENWOOD POINT NEIGHBORS! NEWS 1. Monthly Meeting. The GPHOA board held their monthly meeting on 6/16/22 at the Greenwood Point Beach Park (In person!). May's minutes were reviewed and approved previously via email. There will be no GPHOA board meeting this July.

2. Beach Sand. Sand was delivered and distributed at the beach. A faithful crew of Greenwood Point homeowners with 4 wheelbarrows and 2 spreaders worked over a 2-day period to haul the sand from the street to the beach and replenish our little beach area. Thanks to all who worked on this task.

3. Greenwood Point Get-Togethers. A beach park gathering was organized by the Schilchers on June 11th and had about 20 people in attendance. The s'mores were a big attraction, especially for making s’mores, but it was fun to meet a few neighbors and catch up in person. The weather was perfect. Look for more announcements on future gatherings.

4. Fireworks. Our neighborhood got a jump on the fireworks this year, and enjoyed a spectacular display on July 2nd, thanks to the Kritsonis Lindor Real Estate team who sponsored. And a huge thanks for their support of the Issaquah Food Bank!

5. Signs. The board is looking into replacing a couple of missing "SLOW - CHILDREN AT PLAY" signs that went missing when the mailbox stands were rebuilt. That said, please be careful and watch your speed when traversing the neighborhood.

6. Landscaping Along 188th Ave SE. The board is discussing options for re-landscaping along the East side of 188th Ave SE, which has been bare dirt since the cherry trees were removed a few years ago. We are in discussion with Meerwood and South Cove, since they own this strip of property, and we'll need to team up to improve it. If anyone has ideas on durable greenery that would do well with minimal maintenance, not be invasive, please send a note to one of the board members.

PLEASE ENJOY YOUR BEACH PARK. Your HOA membership includes access to Lake Sammamish via the beach park and there's a beautiful lawn, shade, picnic tables, a kids play area, swimming area, and BBQ facilities available. You should have a key to permit entry. GREENWOOD POINT FACEBOOK GROUP. Though not affiliated with the GPHOA, there is a private Greenwood Point Facebook group you might be interested in joining. Neighborhood happenings and communications may be found here. The link is: . UPCOMING EVENTS - Trivia Night, Beach Park, July 22nd, 6:30PM (see below)

- Movie Night, Beach Park, July 30th (see below)

- Ice Cream Social - Meerwood Park, Aug 22nd, 4:00-7:00PM REMINDERS 1. If you have a home modification in mind, please obtain a form and submit to the A.C.C. for review. Submissions can either be mailed through USPS to the address on the form, or they can be scanned and emailed to the GPHOA at The forms are available at 2. Please remember to clean up after your pet when walking the area. 3. If you have an interest in joining our awesome team and supporting our neighborhood, these committees are a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors and the area and usually only need a time commitment of a couple hours a month. Retirees are especially welcome. Students get community service credit too! You may join any committee, but here's where we need immediate help: · The Architectural Control Committee (ACC), which reviews design, remodel and related plans, is turning over membership and seeking new support · Kelly needs help on the Social Committee, particularly, if you have an aptitude for arranging events and fun activities CLOSING Thank you for your interest in our neighborhood. The GPHOA Board looks forward to meeting and supporting you this year. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, would like to help, or just say hello, please respond to this email. Jim Cotton 2022 GPHOA President

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